21 Photos to Inspire you to Visit New Zealand's North Island ⋆ Who do I do
  • 21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit the North Island, New Zealand – WhodoIdo: New Zealand's North Island is home to cosmopolitan cities, beautiful national parks, secluded beaches and film locations for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit!
  • 21 Photos to Inspire you to Visit the North Island, New Zealand – WhodoIdo: New Zealand's North Island is home to cosmopolitan cities, beautiful national parks, secluded beaches and film locations for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit!
  • 21 Photos to Inspire you to Visit the North Island, New Zealand – WhodoIdo: New Zealand's North Island is home to cosmopolitan cities, beautiful national parks, secluded beaches and film locations for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit!

21 Photos to Inspire you to Visit New Zealand’s North Island

Rewind back to 2011 and our road trip around New Zealand’s North Island for two weeks; exploring the stunning countryside, hiking the Tongariro Alpine crossing, being a hobbit for the day at Hobbiton, the rolling hills of Waikato and taking in the sights in the cool hip cities of Auckland and Wellington – memories I will never forget.  These are just a few of the things to do on New Zealand’s North Island.  To this day, Ian and I talk about New Zealand and the fun adventures we had there to our friends and how we will one day go back.

During our two weeks there, we noticed a contrast with the North and South Island.  We absolutely loved exploring the South Island earlier, but we also loved what New Zealand’s North Island had to offer.  Being huge fans of the film ‘Lord of the Rings’, we couldn’t resist visiting the locations where the film was set.  Who would have thought at the time we were there, that Hobbiton was being prepared to film ‘The Hobbit’.

Here are a few things why we love the North Island:

  • Rich in Maori culture
  • Hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  • Black Water Rafting at Waitamo Caves
  • Admire the giant Kauri trees at Tane Mahuta
  • Chase waterfalls at Haruru Falls, Huka Falls and Bridal Veil Falls
  • Explore various film locations
  • Visit windy Wellington
  • See the two oceans collide at Cape Reinga

We didn’t have time to do everything we hoped to do, so I’m afraid we’ll have to make a return trip to see the sights we missed 😉

Here are a few photos to hopefully inspire you to visit the North Island of New Zealand.



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21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit the North Island, New Zealand – WhodoIdo: New Zealand's North Island is home to cosmopolitan cities, beautiful national parks, secluded beaches and film locations for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit! | #whodoido


  • Rhonda Albom 02/05/2018 (09:15)

    Beautiful photos. I have lived in New Zealand for 16 years and visited most of these places, and have, of course, seen many adorable lambs. Great collection of images to show off this beautiful land.

    • Ian
      Ian 02/05/2018 (09:43)

      We would love to go back and explore more of the North Island. Thanks for the kind comment Rhonda! 😉

  • Rawlings 13/10/2017 (13:27)

    I look forward to coming to zealand one day.

    • Ian
      Ian 13/10/2017 (14:15)

      We hope you make it there too it’s a wonderful experience!

  • Jas 11/10/2017 (06:29)

    I’ve been dying to visit New Zealand and your photos just make me wanna book a flight there ASAP! Also definitely adding Cape Reinga to my list for when I visit. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ian
      Ian 11/10/2017 (10:25)

      Thank you for the comment and we hope you get to NZ soon!

  • Brittany 10/10/2017 (08:48)

    I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand and thanks to your post I have a cool place to check out!

    • Ian
      Ian 10/10/2017 (10:27)

      We’re so pleased you enjoyed our post and hope you get to NZ soon.

  • Karo 09/10/2017 (17:33)

    New Zealand has always been on my bucket list and after reading your amazing article I definitely can’t wait to go there! The pictures look breathtaking!


    • Ian
      Ian 09/10/2017 (18:03)

      We always wanted to go to and so pleased we did! Thank you 🙂

  • Joanna 09/10/2017 (11:46)

    Your photos are so beautiful and show how wild and untouched the nature is in New Zealand! I would love to visit one day, the only thing stopping me is that it is so, so far away. It’s worth going there for a few months, to get to explore it all.

    • Ian
      Ian 09/10/2017 (14:43)

      Aww such a lovely comment! Yes we agree if you go there you need time to travel and see both islands and a month on each would be excellent 🙂

  • Olajumoke 09/10/2017 (04:17)

    These are so beautiful😍😍😍

    • Ian
      Ian 09/10/2017 (09:50)

      Thank you 🙂

  • Em 08/10/2017 (23:29)

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! New Zealand has always been on my travel list. At a moment I even wanted to go live there 🙂

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (23:49)

      Thank you for commenting. I too wanted to live there when I was young 😉

  • Anna 08/10/2017 (19:02)

    Oh so beautiful! So many pictures of nature, and as a lover of nature I can’t wait to spend time in NZ. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog. Simply inspiring!

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (19:39)

      Thank you so much. It’s always lovely to hear positive comments and I hope you travel to NZ and enjoy it as much as we did!

  • Carla 08/10/2017 (18:52)

    New Zeland has been in my bucket list and you definitely make me wanna book and go there ASAP! Thanks for sharing

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (18:57)

      I hope you get there sometime soon. Thanks for commenting 😉

  • Mehr 08/10/2017 (16:31)

    Kiwis Maori culture is quite famous and it’s nice you brought that up along with the other scenic pictures of New Zealand. Looks like an awesome country for nature lovers.

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (17:29)

      The Maori’s are a wonderful people and is was great to get to learn more of their culture.

  • Mario Mechteridis 08/10/2017 (16:06)

    Nice pictures! New Zealand has been a while on my bucketlist, especially for the glow worm caves and the great (and rewarding) hike treks

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (16:27)

      Yes there is so much to see whilst travelling NZ.

  • Gabby 08/10/2017 (13:54)

    that darling lamb is already enough to convince me to visit! I’m easy to please, but the nature there also looks gorgeous!

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (14:33)

      Yes it was so curious 😉 There is such diverse nature you would have great fun there!

  • Jay 08/10/2017 (12:27)

    Your pictures are really lovely, can’t wait until I visit NZ again

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (13:20)

      Aww thanks… We hope to go back sometime soon too!

  • Petya Miteva 08/10/2017 (10:12)

    New Zealand is from years on my bucket list. Totally desired destination. You’ve been blessed to be there!

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (11:19)

      I hope you get to travel there yourself someday. Thankyou!

  • Sindhu 08/10/2017 (06:03)

    How wonderful! Quite a comprehensive presentation of all the amazing things North islands of New Zealand have to offer. Love the diversity in pictures.

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (09:17)

      Thank you. It can sometimes be difficult trying to pick the best photos to represent our travels…

  • Jem 08/10/2017 (00:14)

    Ah this makes me proud! I am a kiwi, I love my country and feel so proud to be a kiwi when I hear of other people visiting it. You have definitely made the most of your trip here and I am so pleased you enjoyed it!

    • Ian
      Ian 08/10/2017 (00:19)

      Than you Jem for your lovely words. We did indeed enjoy it and will be back sometime soon!

  • Alex 07/10/2017 (21:26)

    Great photos I would love to visit New Zealand 🙂 My aunt lived there for a number of years and has always shared wonderful memories with me!

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (22:54)

      Pleased you liked our photos and I hope you get to visit NZ and live some of the memories she shared with you!

  • Indu 07/10/2017 (17:59)

    Your post will inspire travelers to visit New Zealand for sure. I loved my stay in New Zealand. Thanks for sharing amazing pics.

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (18:51)

      We hope so and thank you for taking the time to comment too!

  • Jackie 07/10/2017 (16:20)

    Wow your photos are so stunning. New Zealand I shall see u one day. U are so blessed. What a great post , enjoyed reading your blog 🙂 keep writing 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (16:36)

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you do get to visit NZ one day soon 😉

  • The Wildest Tales 07/10/2017 (16:03)

    I hardly ever get more than 2 weeks of vacation and NZ is so far from Europe so I think it will be (at least for now) just a dream… Nevertheless your pictures are beautiful guys- I will I could see them in bigger size (somehow when I click on them I can’t see anything – was it supposed to be a mosaic only?) I love that bit about you and get to know you are married and happy traveler – I’m getting married to my travel buddy as well – next year!

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (16:14)

      Thank you so much. Yes if you click on them they open to a larger picture for you to scroll through (tested on Google Chrome, IE & Safari) 😉

  • Bee 07/10/2017 (15:43)

    New Zealand is fast becoming a bucket list destination. It’s not hard to see why though! Looks like the North is an essential!

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (15:55)

      We agree! If you’re going to visit I think you have to travel both islands.

  • Laura @thetravellingstomach 07/10/2017 (10:48)

    Love your photos, so many interesting sights to see. The waterfalls look amazing and I bet the rafting was loads of fun.

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (12:11)

      Thank you and the rafting was definitely fun as it was through an underwater cave system !

  • Tifanee 07/10/2017 (07:56)

    Yessss! I am here for all of these pictures. New Zealand is already at the top of my bucket list! Hobbiton is still my all time, one place that I HAVE to see!

    • Ian
      Ian 07/10/2017 (10:09)

      Let’s hope you get there soon and enjoy everything both Islands have to offer 😉

  • Yesh Sewdayal 06/10/2017 (19:37)

    New Zealand looks amazing, from the Maori dancers, to the lakes, waterfalls, beaches and little Hobbiton village! The outdoorsy stuff must’ve been such an exciting experience! Definitely some serious wanderlust over here!

    • Ian
      Ian 06/10/2017 (20:51)

      Hi Yesh and thank you for your comment. It is an amazing place and so much to see and do… Hope you manage to experience it yourself sometime!

  • PossesstheWorld 06/10/2017 (18:23)

    Wonderful shots, very inspiring and yes I will get to NZ soon (it is only across the water)

    • Ian
      Ian 06/10/2017 (18:33)

      Thank you so much. We’ve never been to Ireland and that is on our list but just across the water from us 😉 We always seem to travel to more distant places…

  • lee 06/10/2017 (05:04)

    New Zealand has been a place I’ve wanted to travel too for some time now. Not sure which island, though think you’ve sold the North one to me!

    • Ian
      Ian 06/10/2017 (10:06)

      They both have so much to offer. We will be posting on the South Island soon so that may help 😉

  • Medha 05/10/2017 (21:37)

    I love New Zealand’s North Island, especially Hobitton. We visited last year and it was an amazing experience. I do have to be honest though, I liked south island even better!

    • Ian
      Ian 05/10/2017 (22:13)

      I know what you mean. Both islands have their own charm but the South Island does have more dramatic scenery I think…

  • Kate Rebel 05/10/2017 (13:48)

    Aw the pictures look amazing! I definitely want to go to New Zealand one day! I would love to go to Hobbiton (I am a huge fan)!

    • Ian
      Ian 05/10/2017 (14:09)

      We so enjoyed travelling around both islands. The LOTR locations just add to what is a fantastic place to visit 😉

  • Monica 04/10/2017 (16:54)

    I have a friend who took a tour of New Zealand by van and he was lovestruck with the island. Now I see why.

    • Ian
      Ian 04/10/2017 (17:35)

      It is a wonderful experience driving around NZ… So many different landscapes to see and friendly people too!

  • Zara 04/10/2017 (11:56)

    Your photos are incredible! The North island definitely shouldn’t be forgotten with all the photos out there from the South Island. It’s nice to see Huka Falls and of course Hobbiton appear! 🙂

    • Ian
      Ian 04/10/2017 (13:24)

      We absolutely loved Hobbiton – couldn’t leave that out 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

  • Theresa 03/10/2017 (00:35)

    I really look forward to seeing New Zealand some day. Thanks for the lovely photos. I especially liked the Rotorua one.

    • Ian
      Ian 04/10/2017 (10:55)

      Thank you. I hope you do get the chance to visit and enjoy NZ as much as we did.

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